Floods in Shropshire February 2014

Just thought I’d load up some pictures of the recent flooding.  I took these on the 4th February, so it was not the floods at their height, and being in Shropshire we are not as badly hit as other parts of the country.  The pictures were taken at Atcham where the B4380 crosses the River Severn.

DSCF4757Can’t help thinking this Perry Buoy is a bit useless.

DSCF4753The normal course of the River Severn is to the left of this image.  Everything to the right of the central tree is normally field.

DSCF4776The church is fine, just.

DSCF4755If you look carefully in this image you can see the eddies, currents and backflow as the water tries to go around the bridge supports.

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