February’s Floods – Ironbridge

With more wet weather having come through the UK I’ve been down the world famous Ironbridge Gorge to have a look at the flooding there.  Here are some of my pictures.

DSCF4815The flood barriers are up and have done there job of protecting this section of the gorge.

DSCF4825This use to be a pub downstream from the Ironbridge.

DSCF4829Nice cycle route…


DSCF4850This is a good image of the various currents are flowing in the river.  In the centre is the main flow of the river (moving from right to left in this picture).  At the back you can see the strength of the water as hits the tree trunks.  Towards the foreground there are series of eddies and upwellings caused by the uneven bed of the river and changes in volume as it flows past.




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