Jurassic World – my thoughts about the trailer


Given a few of my recent posts it will come as no surprise that I’m a fan of dinosaurs.  In fact it was these wonderful creatures that got me into geology in the first place.  The original Jurassic Park movie was the ‘grown up’ movie that I ever saw and already being into dinosaurs you can imagine my reaction…I loved it.  I’ve read the novel several times (my copy is now somewhat battered) and loved that too.  The sequels I found less entertaining…despite the addition of Spinosaurus I wasn’t too impressed with the third movie.

I’ve been looking forward to a new film for a while now, and I’m liking the look of the trailer.  It would have been nice to see some more practical special effects instead of all CGI as it appears to be.  I’m not sure about the use of a mutant dinosaur although I agree with some of the comments in Screen Junkies Jurassic World Trailer Fight video (see YouTube) that if they are using the mutant as the ‘bad guy’ and having trained dinosaurs working with the humans (like trained zoo animals I suppose) to help, then that could work.

They’ve shown some nice looking creatures in the trailer; Sauropods, Stegosaurs, Ornithomimosaurs and the obligatory Velociraptors.  Problems…we’ve known that Velociraptor and Ornithomimus were both feathered and have know this for several years now (2007 & 2009 respectively).  This actually reminds me of a part in the book where John Hammond & Henry Wu have a conversation about the nature of dinosaurs.  Hammond is telling Wu that they need to make the dinosaurs look more like people’s expectations.  Hammond is saying that the dinosaurs are too energetic & active and not the slow, stupid lumbering beasts that people have perceived them to be.  Wu argues back that he was tasked to clone dinosaurs and that is what he did, if they’re different to the public image then the public need to change their image.  We’ve known that many dinosaurs (including Velociraptor, Ornithomimus and Yutyrannus) had feathers and we’ve known for over a decade in some cases.  So why not put that into the movie?  Because it doesn’t fit the public image of dinosaurs.  My answer to that is we need to change to public image of dinosaurs as the science progresses.

One thing that did make me go “oooo nice” was the addition of the Mosasaur.  It looks good, and its introduction in the trailer was suitably dramatic.


It looks a little large to me.  The shark looks a lot like a great white (which grown to about 6m in length) and the largest Moasaurs are Hainosaurus and Tylosaurus about 15m in length, meaning that the creature in the movie should be a maximum of 3 times the length of the shark…and it looks a little bigger than that to me…assuming the shark is a great white and assuming it is an adult.  It still looks cool though lol.  One of the details I did like is in the mouth.  Take a look at the upper jaw in the picture above and you’ll see a second row of teeth – the pterygoid teeth, a feature pretty much unique to Mosasaurs and a nice bit of detail added for those of us that know some stuff about these ancient creatures.

Overall I’m looking forward to the movie, but a little cautious in case they make a mess of it (I really hope not).

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