Lilleshall Abbey

As part of my visit to the Lilleshall area the other day I also visited Lilleshall Abbey.  The abbey is an fine ruined example of a 12th Century Augustinian abbey.

Location & Access: Lilleshall Abbey is located to the south-east of the village, along Lilyhurst Road.  The site is run by English Heritage and is one of their sites that is free to visit.

DSCN0445What’s there: Like most abbeys from the era, Lilleshall’s is in a bit of a ruinous state, partly because of its age and partly because of the disillusion of the monasteries under Henry VIII.  The information boards provide you with a good deal of info about the site.

You can walk through the main entrance of the abbey, down the nave of the main building.

DSCN0455One of the remaining towers can still be climbed, and it is a great place to view the whole abbey.  Warning: The stairs up to the abbey are narrow and winding, though in good condition.  The stair case is dark and there is only enough space at the top of the tower for one person at a time.


Along with the red sandstone walls of the nave (did you really think I’d get through this post without a geology reference?), you also can roam the old cloisters some of the adjacent rooms.




Overall a nice place to visit if you have half hour to spare.  The site isn’t that large so unless you are really into abbeys it won’t take you that long to walk around it.  Great place to get some photos though if you can get the light right…unfortunately on the day I went it was grey and overcast so the shots I got were average at best.  I shall have to return one day for some more.

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