The Brandenburg Gate

Well I did say I was going to show some more pictures of my European road trip, so for tonight’s viewing are my shots of the Brandenburg Gate.  Completed in 1791, the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is possibly the most recognizable landmark in Germany.  The Gate is in the neoclassical style and is just pretty awesome to look at.  Enjoy 🙂





The pictures with the fountain jet to the right of them required a bit of creativity: being away from the main crowd and close enough to American Embassy for the guards to pay attention to my activities.  Didn’t help that I had to wait for a cloud to pass so that I could have a clear blue background…nothing that would get me into trouble but odd enough for them to keep an eye on me until I left.  I got several nice shots though.




I’m going to finish off with a picture of the Reichstag taken from a memorial garden dedicated to the Romani and other traveler peoples that the Nazis considered to be undesirable.  A calm and quiet place suitable for the subject.



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