About geogeek1726

Geogeek1726 is a blog about all things geological & geographical.  In it I will be writing about such geeky things that take my interest, places I’ve visited and explanations of material relating to the subject.

As for myself I am an enthusiastic amateur.  I have a degree in Physical Geography and have a keen interest in the natural world.  I’ve started this blog as a way to share my passion with others in my spare time.  Oh and if you’re wondering where the 1726 comes from it’s the birth year of James Hutton, a Scottish naturalist who is often called the founder of modern geology.

As a bit of a disclaimer when writing about scientific material I will endeavour to keep it as accurate as possible, but I am human and occasionally I will make mistakes in my writing so please bare with me and I ill try to correct my mistakes as I go along.  Unless stated otherwise all the images used in my blog are of my own creation.  I give permission to use them for non-commercial purposes as long as I am credited as their source.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

It's a beautiful world