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Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Last year a new museum opened up in Shrewsbury, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to check the place out.  It’s a decent sized museum for a smaller county city that Shrewsbury is.  It is sited in the old theatre hall in Market Street and is worth a visit if you’ve ever got a free afternoon in the area.

The museum has three main floors dedicated to the history of Shropshire.  On the ground floor you have the entrance, gift shop, cafe and local art gallery room.  After passing through this area you have the main Ancient History room.  This holds local artifacts from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Period in Shropshire.  I’m going to place a few images as a taster; I’d encourage a visit to this place if you want to see more.

The Shrewsbury Hoard (Roman coins)


Roman swords & other artifacts


Roman Silver Mirror


On the second floor is a collection of Medieval, Civil War and Early Modern artifacts.

Buckler and Chain Mail


Gold Coins (I can’t remember which king is represented…and I can’t read the inscription properly sorry).



Civil War Era uniform & musket (that’s the English Civil Wars of the 1640’s  [or the Wars of the Three Kingdoms as it often called now] to those people reading from other countries).


A close up of one of the seals to the right of the uniform.



The third floor holds a wide selection of artifacts.  Part of it holds natural artifacts.  This includes samples of rock and fossils from Shropshire, including parts of the mammoths found in the county.


Some of the fossils found in Shropshire (along with some art formed via a process called concretion)




The third floor also has a number of 18th-20th Century artifacts; including ceramics, art work and artifacts from WWI and WWII.

For the final section there is a special exhibition room on the third floor.  This one holds (until the 24th April 2015) an Egyptian exhibit.  It is a decent sized exhibit and includes pottery, ushabti, jewellery and of course a mummy with its sarcophagus.  There is also a case containing fake items of more modern origin.





Hope that gives you a desire to visit it next time you are in the area.  I enjoyed it and I think many others would.  Until next time.